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Aren’t You Glad You Read This? by Erica Gordon (PDF Version)

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Aren’t You Glad You Read This? by Erica Gordon (PDF Version)

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About the Book

This book is for all the single men and women who have experienced a series of failed relationships, have not had great luck when it comes to dating, and need some eye-opening, brutally honest advice so that their next relationship actually stands a chance. Aren’t You Glad You Read This? is an attitude-transforming, perspective-altering, smart and honest how-to guide for singles with a history of bad luck who want their next try to be successful. It’s about time you figure out where you’ve been going wrong, get out of your funk, and find something that lasts. In this book, you’ll get valuable guidance on relationship success at the right time, which is–you guessed it–before you start one. Advice is the most beneficial before you enter a new relationship because this way you’re reading it before it’s too late. You’re currently a clean slate, ready to be prepped for what could be the best love story of your life.

About Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon has been working in the dating industry for over six years. From working at the headquarters of some of the world's largest dating sites to running The Babe Report (her dating advice column for Millennials) and freelancing as a dedicated dating coach, her expertise is in all things dating and relationships. After Erica earned her Psychology degree from the University of British Columbia, she pursued writing by virtue of the endorsement of her prof. The very first article she wrote went viral, and she's never slowed down since. She was recently quoted as a dating expert in Vanity Fair, and today, she combines her love of writing and her passion for giving dating advice by writing advice pieces for several of the world's largest online magazines, including Elite Daily, AskMen, Huffington Post and Thought Catalog. As a Millennial on the cusp of being a Gen X'er, both generations can relate to Erica's writing—and her advice is so spot on, you'll wonder if she's inside your head. 

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Twitter: @thebabereport

Instagram: @the_babe_report



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Thought Catalog Books is a publishing house owned by The Thought & Expression Company, an independent media group based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2010, we are committed to facilitating thought and expression. We exist to help people become better communicators and listeners in order to engender a more exciting, attentive, and imaginative world. Follow us on Instagram or check out the website

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